Welcome to the GWSP and NeWater online curriculum on Adaptive River Basin Management.This site offers teaching materials on Adaptive River Basin Management for use by university instructors at Masters and PhD's levels.


Contents of the home page

The homepage shows a number of blocks; the main menu, calendar, upcoming events and course categories.

Main menu: The main menu shows how to use this site, case studies, network and how to register for courses.

Calendar: The calendar indicates the current date and highlights various events.

Upcoming events: This block gives a description of the upcoming events and how you can participate.

Course Categories: Under "Course Categories" you will find the curriculum divided into 6 parts; an introduction to the course, module 1, module 2, module 3, module 4 and module 5. We advise you to first read the introduction before you get started and second make sure you are registered for the course you would like to follow. Once you have registered and logged in, the menu "my courses" shows all courses you are attending.

How to Register

Prospective users are asked to register before using the curriculum. In the registration form you will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions of Use before completing your registration. Upon registration you will receive further instructions on how to proceed.

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The Courses/Modules/topics

Once you have registered you can access the courses, modules and its topics. Each module of the curriculum consists of an introduction to the content of the module and the topics within it. Each topic contains an introduction to the subject matter with background information, a PowerPoint presentation, and in most cases also exercises, discussion questions, literature and useful links.

This curriculum promotes interactive learning. Each topic contains a forum where discussion questions are posted. After registration students can actively participate in these discussions. Discussion posts can also be rated by participants to monitor the relevance of the discussions.

The teaching materials regularly refer to case studies from the NeWater project. Other general information and links can be found under Links and Water Network in the main Menu.

Optimal browser use: About enabling cookies and working with downloadable presentations

You are advised to enable cookies in your web browser (under 'options' or 'properties') in order to fully make use of the materials in the website.

You can open a slide presentation or any other document by clicking on it. In the case of slide presentations, the majority of users will receive a message across the top "information bar" of the screen indicating that your browser (esp. Internet Explorer) has blocked direct opening of the file: This helps you to avoid potentially harmful files that you might otherwise accept from the Internet. To download or open the file, simply right click on the information bar. Once you open the slide presentation you can edit it, by right-clicking your mouse and then selecting "Edit". The Edit mode, allows the user to work with slides and to see annotations (explanations) attached to the slides.

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